About Cleevely Motors Ltd

Photo showing the founder of Cleevely Motors in the 1960's

Our history

Early 1960’s

John Cleevely, an engineer at Dowty’s, decided he needed to create a better future for himself and his family. He found an old coach house, located just outside Cheltenham town centre, in which he could start to repair friends, neighbours and local businesses vehicles. Because of his customer service approach and quality of work, the business quickly developed, and he needed to expand into the neighbouring cottages and out-buildings. With hard work and help from his brothers he created the workshop as it stands today, suitable to repair and maintain vehicles of all sizes.

In 1962

The business became registered as Cleevely Motors Ltd, and has a proud tradition of always being run by family members. John handed it down to his two sons, Alan and Shaun, who continued the traditional values instilled in them by their father.


Now run by Shaun’s eldest son Matt, the business still aims to deliver the very best customer service and quality of workmanship, whilst investing in the modern technology and information required to repair the modern motor vehicle. We are proudly listed on the Retail Motor Industry ‘Trust my Garage’ scheme, as recognition for quality of service, and a guarantee to our customers.

More about Trust My Garage, and the guarantee behind our work can be found here: http://www.trustmygarage.co.uk/rmi-customer-guarantee/

Trust My Garage logo

Our Ethos

We always aim to give the best quality and value for money repairs.  You can speak to the technician who will be working on your vehicle, and they will contact you with any additional or excessive costs involved to repair. If diagnosis of a fault is required, we will contact you on finding the fault, describe the fault in understandable language and inform you of any costs before commencing work. We always aim to ‘repair and not replace’ items, where applicable, and can show you failed parts if requested. We will always fit good quality replacement parts, or genuine if preferred, and will source the best value for money parts through our chain of local suppliers.

Our work is guaranteed for 1 year or 10,000 miles.