Q?Can Cleevely Motors MOT test my vehicle?

Yes we can. Although we don’t have our own Mot test facility, we can have your vehicle Mot’d at a local garage on your behalf. The advantages of us dealing with the Mot centre on your behalf is that we carry-out a check-over of the vehicle before it goes for test, and should it fail, and if parts are availible, we can get the necessary repairs done and present the vehicle for retest on the same day. Jamie and Matt are also previously Mot testers, this allows us to carry-out an inspection or service with the Mot test in mind, therefore saving time on unecessary trips to an Mot centre.

You won’t pay any extra costs either, our Mot test prices are charged at the retail as set by Vosa (Mot governing body), we can also save you money! If you combine your Mot test with an annual service we discount your test to a trade rate! We will also discount your test if you book-in additional repairs on the day of the test.

You can have your Mot test carried-out upto 28 days before your current expiry date, so our advise is to get it booked-in early!

Q?What makes and models of vehicle do Cleevely Motors work on?

We work on all makes and models of vehicle, any age. Our current customer base includes 1950’s Jaguars and Vauxhall Cresta, through the generations, to the latest family cars, with some very unusual vehicles in-between! See our Gallery pages for some of the other cars.

Our workshop is capable of repairing large commercial vehicles too, due to the recent replacement of our ‘old-faithful’ 4-poster ramp. With an ultra modern 5m platform scissor lift, we can now lift camper vans and luton box vans, as well as Mini’s!

Old and New


Q?Why use an independant garage?

Without a ‘main dealer’ or ‘franchise’ tag, an independant garage is free to maintain your vehicle to the best of their abilities, free to talk to you about your vehicle and its individual requirements. Main dealer technicians are bound and restricted to strict repair times, that compromise their freedom to inspect and repair your vehicle. We also have access to all service data and schedules, and with lower overheads, we independants can save you money, whilst ensuring the life and reliability of your vehicle.

Q?What is Cleevely Motors labour rate?

We keep our labour rates as affordable as possible, and only increase them when rising overheads force us to. We have maintained our current labour rate, of £50 + vat per hour, for 3 years so far!

Q?If I have a problem with my car can I phone and talk to someone?

We pride ourselves on being an approachable and friendly company. We have trained staff to listen and answer any customers queries without confusing jargon and technical talk. If you have any particular question please don’t hesitate to phone us between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and ask to talk to a technician.

Q?Has the business always been family owned?

Yes. Since the companies’ creation by John Cleevely in 1962, the business has always been ran by a family member. John passed the company ‘baton’ to his youngest son, Shaun,  after a health scare. Shaun ran it successfully, along with his brother Alan, for twenty years, before Shaun passed the day-to-day running on to his eldest son Matt. Shaun is still working in the garage today.

Q?Can Cleevely Motors compete with Fast fit service prices?

We make every attempt to keep our prices as low as possible. We only fit quality parts and the specific grades of approved engine oil for your vehicle, and with quality products come equivilent pricing. We believe that ‘you get what you pay for’ and with us, what you get will be honest, reliable and only the servicing that your vehicle requires.

However, if you have a specific budget for your servicing, please contact us and we will do everything possible to still provide a good service within your budget.

Q?If I have a bulb blown can someone replace it for me?

Yes. We offer a while-you-wait bulb fitting service for most vehicles. With some makes and models of vehicle the bulbs are difficult to reach, or inaccessible, in which case we will inform you and arrange a suitable time for everyone, for replacement.

Q?How can I guarentee the work of Cleevely Motors?

We, at Cleevely Motors, make every attempt to ensure that your experience with us is as pleasant as spending money on your car can be! If you have any problems with our workmanship, or parts fitted, we of course have a warranty period of one year or 10,000 miles (certain conditions apply). In which we will put right any wrongs that may have occurred.

To be able to belong to the ‘Trust My Garage’ scheme, had to agree to a ‘customer charter’ and were also secret shopped by the RMI, to ensure our work came up to standards. The RMI therefore back our repairs, and offer their own guarantees, read about them here; http://www.trustmygarage.co.uk/rmi-customer-guarantee/