All Makes Vehicle Servicing

All Makes Vehicle Servicing

As cars become increasingly complicated and manufacturers increase service intervals, it is more important than ever that regular servicing is carried-out competently. Here at Cleevely Motors we have invested in information systems allowing us access to manufacturer’s service schedules, technical data and vehicle specific service requirements.

Our customer’s cars cover varying mileages annually, and with that in mind we have to adapt our servicing techniques. We refer to manufacturers recommendations, but understand that all vehicles, and the way they are used, vary. Our policy is to check the engine filters individually, and only replace the items that are required. A full inspection of vehicle underside and all steering, suspension, brake, exhaust and related components is always carried-out, regardless of mileage. We test all lights, check and top-up under-bonnet levels and tyre pressures. Resetting of service warnings/counters on dashboard is included, and we will report on any additional repairs required on your invoice or contact you, on the day, if required more urgently.

We do not have fixed price servicing because it doesn’t always guarantee the suitable maintenance of your vehicle, we prefer instead to either agree on a cost before-hand, or check the vehicles requirements and then contact you with a price. The latter method relies on you trusting us, but ultimately brings the best results and because we are an RMI ‘trust my garage’ member (further details elsewhere on site), we have to adhere to strict guidelines.  We can also service your vehicle within its warranty period, without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty, although the main dealer may tell you differently! As long as we use original equipment specification parts, and follow the schedule, then we can stamp your service book, as a member of RMI and a VAT registered company it must be accepted under ‘Block-Exemption’ rules stated by the EU.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding servicing, or our service add-on packages available, that include discounted air-conditioning repairs, diagnostic checks, transmission services, tracking etc.

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