A recent, but vital, part of the workshop is the tyre bay. We can supply and fit various makes and sizes of tyre, ranging from 10” to 24” including run-flat tyres. Due to a lack of storage space we don’t stock many tyres, but with various suppliers locally we can receive most tyres within the same day at competitive prices, please feel free to call us for a quotation. Along with the tyre replacement, we can also repair punctures and attend to those tricky slow punctures that can occur from corroded wheel rims (common with alloy wheels) and valve core failures.

After a tyre is replaced or repaired we need to balance the wheel with our dynamic wheel balancer, to add weight on the wheel to counter-act different tyre manufacturing or wheel imperfections. If your wheel balancing is incorrect the symptom is a vibration at various speeds, most commonly 30-40 mph or at 55-65 mph. You can specify wheel balancing as a separate job or as part of your regular servicing.

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