Laser Wheel Alignment

Laser Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, or tracking as it is also known, is a measurement of the wheel angles on your vehicle. If the wheels are misaligned then this can lead to severe tyre wear, poor handling and the vehicle ‘veering’ along the road. With our laser four wheel alignment equipment, available at both sites, we can check the tracking, camber, caster and overall toe on all wheels, and adjust it back to manufacturers specification.

We would normally recommend either a full alignment check, or a tracking (steering wheels only) check and adjustment when fitting  new tyres, however with the ever worsening surface conditions of the roads, the alignment of the wheels can be knocked-out by potholes and other road imperfections. Replacement of any steering or suspension components may require wheel alignment afterwards. For further information on the effects of wheel alignment, or to book your vehicle in for a check, please call.

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