Some engines are driven by a rubber belt, also known as a cambelt, which maintains the timing between the camshafts at the top of the engine, and the crankshaft in the lower part of the engine, which drives it. Between those two points often is the coolant water pump, which we recommend to replace at the same time, and also various tensioners and guide wheels, all of which have service intervals. If the belt and associated components aren’t replaced at the recommended intervals, then the results can be very expensive when the belt breaks. The valves can continue to open and the pistons will continue going up and down, inevitably collisions occur and, depending on engine speed, damage can range from bent valves to smashed pistons and damaged cylinder heads. The work required to rectify this damage far out-ways the costs in replacing the ‘belt at the recommended interval. We will inform you at servicing when your timing belt requires replacing, and can provide a competitive quotation for you.



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