Terraclean; fuel system cleaner

Terraclean; fuel system cleaner

We have recently invested in revolutionary fuel system treatment equipment that will improve your vehicles emissions, mpg and performance, thus saving you money and increasing the life-span of your vehicle.

Backed by TV personality Edd China, the Terraclean brand has been impressing the motor trade with the quality of the product, and Cleevely Motors has recognised the value the Terraclean treatment can make to the reliability, performance and economy of our customers and adds another service with which we can maintain our customers vehicles.

The equipment was demonstrated to us on Matt’s Honda Accord diesel and the improvements were instantly noticeable, ‘being our family car meant my Honda was used for around-town driving a lot, with the occasional long run’¬† said Matt ‘After the treatment I noticed a massive difference in performance, the cleaner had improved engine torque and after having done around 200miles, since the treatment, I can back-up the mpg increase claims’ he added.

The complete service takes around 1-2 hours, and we can squeeze Terraclean appointments in with only 24 hours notice. For more information click the link below;


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