Computerised Diagnostics

Computerised Diagnostics

With the introduction of more and more computers controlling cars, we have realised that to continue to provide repairs on our customer’s car’s we needed to invest in the latest diagnostic software, hardware and information. If a fault light illuminates on the dashboard, or your vehicle isn’t performing as it should, we can connect our diagnostic software to your vehicle and communicate directly with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to gather the information to help identify the fault. A common misconception is that the diagnostic tool will tell us the fault, this isn’t the case. When a fault occurs a code is stored in the relevant ECU relating to the component which recognised the fault. We can then use this information to carry-out further testing, be it electrical or mechanical, within that area. Our main aim is to pin-point a fault, test and condemn a component, and then contact you with the costs involved, so you know up-front. Where possible, our aim is to repair, not just replace components, an important part of this is knowledge about the systems we are working on, and continuous staff training to keep abreast of technology is key to that.

The latest addition to our diagnostic capabilities is the VAG-Com software that is dealer-level specification for all Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda vehicles. It allows us to reprogramme additional specifications, reprogramme replacement ecu’s and regenerate diesel particulate filters, as well as other traditionally main dealer or specialist only tasks. Please call us for any further information, or your particular requirements.

Matt took his IMI mastertech accreditation first in 2014 and still holds it today, due to our continuing training and regular assessments, both in-house and at external training venues. We keep ourselves up to date with modern technology, so we can offer the best possible service to our customers. 

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