Ford Focus wiring repair

A Ford Focus was brought to us by a local gentleman who had just received the devestating news that the misfire he was experiencing, when trying to accelerate, was diagnosed by the local Ford agent as a wiring loom fault.

We carried-out a diagnostic scan, which confirmed the diagnosis that a wiring fault was present on the primary side of the igntion coil. On closer inspection however, we found the damage to the wiring loom pictured below;

focus wiringblack and green wire broken through

But rather than jump straight into replacing the wiring loom, we removed the connector pin and the remainder of the wire from the loom connection. Then we were able to replace the damaged wire and solder it back onto the vehicle.

Once the fault codes were removed from the system the vehicle could be testdriven, which proved the repair a complete success. The customer was quoted £600 by the local agents, our invoice totalled £90!!!