Suzuki Swift ABS Fault

When asked to investigate an ABS fault on a Suzuki Swift, i didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. At first i wasn’t wrong, a check via our diagnostic scanner revealed a fault code for a an ‘unplausible signal’ from the ABS sensor, which i quickly traced to a crack in the ABS ring (as pointed at by my finger in the photo).

The difficulty came in removing the cv joint from the driveshaft! The cv joint should just knock-off the driveshaft, but this one was seized solid. I tried to press it off, heat it up, anything i could think of. Eventually i had to cut it off the driveshaft carefully, and clean the splines of the shaft to accept a new cv joint. A 20 minute job had turned into a 3 hour job, but at least we had the equipment and skills to save a part and complete the repair without the need for extra parts.

swift cv


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