VW Golf Mk5 – Heater Blower fault

Smoky Vw Golf

A 2006 VW golf was brought to us escorted by a breakdown service. When the vehicle had left the customer’s house earlier that morning, the whole interior quickly filled with thick smoke! Fearing a fire , the customer jumped-out and checked the car over, only to find no fire. When the breakdown service attended they too couldn’t fault the car. After a discussion with the customer about the location of the smoke, we checked the heater control system and found the heater blower motor had burnt the connectors so badly they had melted all the plastic away. After replacing the motor and connectors on the wiring loom, we investigated the cause of the sudden wiring fault. On shaking the old, damaged motor, around ½ litre of water came-out! We checked for excess water in scuttle panels, or other points that rain can access car, no faults were found. We then spoke to the customer who confessed to driving through a large puddle the previous day!

burnt out connectors could of caused fire

burnt out connectors could of caused fire

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