• Jaguar XJ6

    Jaguar XJ6

    On recent routine tyre change we noticed that this 20″ Jaguar wheel had a bad crack in it, caused by...

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  • Suzuki Swift ABS Fault

    Suzuki Swift ABS Fault

    When asked to investigate an ABS fault on a Suzuki Swift, i didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. At...

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  • Ford Focus Rattle Noise

    Ford Focus Rattle Noise

    A Ford Focus was brought to us recently, after an emergency visit to a fast-fit garage. The symptoms was a...

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  • Nice Customers Cars

    Nice Customers Cars

    Elsewhere in the website are images of some of the rare or special cars wee look after, here are a...

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  • Renault Laguna Electric Handbrake

    Renault Laguna Electric Handbrake

    A 2006 Renault Laguna came into the workshop with the electric handbrake not operating. After checking for fault codes, but...

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  • Morgan Brakes

    Morgan Brakes

    Morgan Mot brake failure. Morgan front brake calliper rebuild. This vehicle stands more than it is used, so skilled stripping...

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