As a young boy i remember coming and spending days in the garage and taking things apart. When i expressed interest in working at the family business my father, Shaun, suggested i may get fairer training elsewhere, so i found another family-run garage, where i passed my apprenticeship as trainee of the year for all three years. After joining the family business in 1999 i have helped modernise garage equipment and tooling, whilst retaining its traditional customer service values. In 2002 i married long-time girlfriend Claire and in 2010 we had twin daughters, who keep us very busy and grounded! My love of cars is constant, even away from the garage. During the summer months, every year since 1994, i have competed in Autograss, racing cars on a dirt oval. My latest car is a single seater chassis i built myself, powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike engine and it never fails to make me smile when i’m driving it! Check-out photos and videos elsewhere on the site.

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