Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015

After an enjoyable summer cruising around, the majority of classic car owners prefer to carry-out a bit of maintenance before storing their pride and joy away for the winter. We have been lucky enough to work on a few of these gems.  One good example was the Morris Minor pictured below. It had been its usual reliable self, until the original indicator control box started to misbehave.


The indicator relay box was corroded and needed cleaning, before resetting the points in it and refitting to the vehicle.


This Morris Minor was in lovely condition, but had experienced indicator faults.

This is the unit bolted back-on in its place.

We don’t just maintain classic vehicles, we work on all cars and vans. The pictures below are of a Vehicle who’s injectors had sprung a leaking seal. The picture is before we removed and cleaned the mess made by the injector. The black stuff is carbon, which blows past the failed injector seal and solidifies around the injector.


We carefully removed the injector and cleaned the area, before replacing the seal and refitting the injector.

We also had a 1995 (make your own mind up if that is old) Vauxhall Cavalier, who’s heater blower fan wasn’t working. With this age of vehicle, the parts aren’t readily available, which was the case with this Cavalier. Once diagnosed as a failed fan resistor, we could only source a later version of the part at reasonable cost (the genuine part is £245). We then worked-out the correct resistance path through the new resistor for each fan speed and made a wiring conversion loom to go between the original wiring and the new part.
The customer was very happy to have his fan working correctly again and also that his bill totalled far less than a genuine part, even with diagnosis, repair and parts!



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