February 2015

February 2015

We often find that jobs come in batches, this February was a great example of that. Clutch replacements were the common job this month. 

 The clutch is the mechanical component that separates the engine and gearbox so the driver can change gear. If the clutch doesn’t separate the two then changing gear is difficult, or in some cases impossible.

 We had a few ‘natural’ clutch failures, cars who’s drivers have worn the clutches out. We had a few breakdowns, where a clutch, or clutch component had failed, causing the clutch not to clear. 

We also had to diagnose an unusual clutch fault on a Honda Jazz. The 2002 model had an intermittent fault, which was causing the clutch pedal to be stiff and difficult to press down when changing down through the gears, especially 3rd to 2nd, and without warning, which is quite dangerous . After experiencing the fault it was unclear why a clutch would only intermittently stop the clutch pedal being depressed, but it was Matt’s suspension that the fault was on the clutch assembly itself. 

 With the owners permission, we removed the gearbox and discovered one of the springs fitted into the friction plate had become insecure, causing it to pop-out of the cover and becomes wedged in-between the cover and friction plate, this stopped the clutch pedal from being depressed. We fitted a new clutch kit and this fixed the fault. 


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