Magazine Article

Magazine Article

With Matt’s entry, and mild success in the 2013 Top Technician competition came an unexpected benefit;

I was fortunate enough to be contacted with an oppertunity that i couldn’t turn down, i was asked if i would be able to write an article for my fellow technicians, in the final edition of the Top Technician magazine for 2013.

I went through school wishing to be a journalist, so i wanted to take this opppertunity to see if i could have ever ‘made-the-grade’. My chosen subject was still fresh in my head, as i had just completed a difficult diagnostic repair to a Passat, so i set about writing my peice. I’m not going to copy and paste it to this website, however, if you wish to read it then please follow the link;   Matt Cleevely Top Technician article

One of my proudest professional moments to date and i look forward to the oppertunity to write another article in the future.



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