March 2015

March 2015

Wiring woes.

March saw several diagnostic jobs with the same results, but with different symptoms.

Electrical faults can be very difficult to find, it’s only with correct diagnostic techniques that we can track them down. It’s not a case of plugging in a computer, we carry-out regular training so we can use our equipment to gain clues and put together the jigsaw puzzle.

A VW Transporter wouldn’t operate the central locking, we traced the fault under the seat and found this corroded power connection within the loom.


A Citroen C3 reported a fault code for purge canister valve, a solenoid that vents gases back to the fuel tank. Rather than a replacement valve, as per fault code, we traced this broken wire.


This Audi TT was in for a clutch replacement and we noticed the wiring had rubbed through. We stripped the loom cover, soldered in a new section of wire and put heat shrink over to protect the repaired section.


We carry out correct diagnostic procedures so that we can find the first-time-fix. We don’t fit random parts, costing you money, wasting our time and damaging our relationship with you. We make sure we do the correct tests to find the fault.

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