May 2015

May 2015

Due to an early easter, accompanied by other bank holidays, May was a very short month, only 19 working days in-fact! which you would think wouldn’t be good for productivity. But we were in-undated with work, lots of new recommendations bringing some new faces and vehicles to our doors, which we always welcome!

Zafira coil The corrosion you can see on the photo above was found on routine servicing. It is on the ignition coil of a Vauxhall Zafira, causing a hesitation when accelerating. The customer had reported an intermittent fault, so once the coil was tested and found to also have a break-down in its internal circuits, we replaced it and returned the vehicle to a happy customer.

The other worrying theme we discovered during May was the poor quality of some bodyshops supposingly offering a ‘quality repair’. Pictured below are poor quality repairs found on two separate vehicles. From the top, the repairs appeared satisfactory, but once we were underneath!……

bad bodyworkreally poor bodyworkThese two images are from a camper van that was the customers pride and joy! Poor quality welding and finish will mean the repairs will only last a year or two.

The picture below was from a Ford Ka. The owner believed he was getting a quality sill replacement and re-paint, after-all he had paid alot of money for it! It was only brought to us to investigate why his wipers no longer worked, but what we found was a shockingly poor repair, that has caused more damage than it was worth!

poor bodyworkOn the underside the bodyshop hadn’t finished-off the panel they had welded-in, leaving bare metal and welds to be exposed to the elements and this will cause the vehicle to corroded quickly. We undersealed the bare metal, protecting the steel from the weather and so the car stands more chance of lasting longer.


Unfortunately for this customer, the sills weren’t the end of the story. It was brought to us to investigate a wiper fault. When we did, we discovered the fuse for the wiper circuit kept blowing, indicating a short circuit on the wiper wiring somewhere. After several circuit tests we isolated the fault to the rear wiper motor wiring, and when we removed the loom we were horrified to discover that during the poor bodyshop sill replacement they had burnt and melted the wiring loom!! Careless at best, dangerous at worst as it could easily led to a fire.ka wiring

If you want any advise about bodywork, or a bodyshop recommendation, then please give us a call on (01242) 521988. But remember, always get a couple of quotes and the cheapest may not be the best!

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